Intentional Machine Intelligence

What We Do. is focussed on building the next generation of intelligent machines. Although we understand the current excitement surrounding deep neural networks, we believe that this is but one possible method of machine learning, and are interested in pursuing alternatives that don't rely so heavily on traditional designs.

We are working on a unique approach which we believe could be the foundation of an artificial general intelligence. Regardless of whether we are correct, we are concerned about the potential implications of such an innovation, and so are committed to using what we learn to provide sensible recommendations to the public and private sectors in an effort to steer humanity in a positive direction.

What We Think.

We like to think deeply about artificial intelligence, not only about the technical aspects but also about the potential economic, ethical, and existential implications. We feel that there is a shortage of rational debate on the topic and are committed to providing logical and consistent commentary.

At the same time, the breadth of our thinking allows us to confidently progress with our own research in the knowledge that we are being as socially responsible as we can.